Water is everywhere and the foundation of your Environment.  Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen molecules that move and are transformed throughout your ecosystem.  Coexisting with plants in a sea of water molecules allows you joyfully thrive.  Love your Water to hydrate for positive emotions.  You are a vital part of the water in your world.

Your atmosphere contains about 37.5 million-billion gallons of water vapor.  Water exists in most rocks and may drive geological processes.  About 96% of water is held in oceans, rivers, and lakes that covers 71.5% of the Earths surface.  Your human body is composed of around 60% water.  Up to 80 to 90% of a plants weight is composed of water.  You move with water as you move through life. 

You are interacting with water in an exchange of gases with plants to gain an important resource.  Know that animals, including you, co-exist in harmony with plants through processed water molecules.  Plants transform the oxygen (O) molecule found water, H2O, to provide you with this vital resource in each breath.  Harmonizing, nurturing and culturing plants sets the stage of gratitude for wellbeing (

Nobel Prize Laureate Luc Montagnier documented that Water has a memory from the environment in which it moves (  Water may be programmed to possess positive energy.  Masaru Emoto intentionally directed positive energy into water to manifest incredibly beautiful crystals in the liquid (  You have the ability to hydrate with crystallin water to instill positive emotions in your attitude (  

You have a choice to create the world that brings you harmony and joy.  Know this and you become more aware and conscious according to David Hawkins’s book Power vs. Force.  Know that you are part of your world through your water connections.  Know that you are able to manage your attitude and emotions through the water you drink.  Water provides you with a vital tool to live in harmony with your environment.

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It is time to Wake up and Consciously take responsibility for your lifestyle choices.  The world is in a Great Big Pickle and Going Green is a Simple solution.  Our precious planet is the life support system for human survival.  It is obvious that the human race is neglecting what is needed to reverse their destructive behavior towards the environment.  The major key is to open your eyes, look around and redesign your lifestyles that results in gratitude and respect for your planet. 

The money trail creates the impression.

Covid has had a devastating impact on the world’s economy.  The loss of jobs reduces the available disposable income needed to generate taxes that fuel your government to provide you with valuable needed services.  Services such as law enforcement, roads, schools, libraries, and transportation, to name a few. 

One such services is what it takes to maintain and manage public lands that reinforces the natural products and services valued around $72 trillion annually, worldwide.  Such as oxygen, medicine, shelter and so many more benefits to humans.

Widespread fires are having a catastrophic impact on human health and natural products and services globally.  Many people are unable to move out of areas where the sun hides behind a cloud of smoke.  The smoke generates the increase occurrence of respiratory illnesses that will overwhelm the medical systems struggling to serve.

Many of you will become disabled and seek government support.  States will be seeking State of Emergency funds to allow their ecosystems to support human needs. 

The U.S. government must print more money to support their lands and the needs of the people.  The valuation of the dollar will plummet to the demands to manufacture more money.  The U.S. dollar is a trading foundation on the world financial infrastructure.  “The majority of the World’s currency reserves are held in U.S. dollars” (JP Morgan).

Many of the challenges we are facing are due to the massive pollution generated through human greed and environmental neglect.  I was amazed to hear a woman make a joke about plastic pollution and witness many cities that do not even recycle.  Cigarette buts are one of the world’s most dangerous plastic pollution.  The abundance of plastic bags and bottles break down and are ingested and killing wildlife. 

Recycling is not the solution since reuse and reduce out weighs the creation of stuff.  The long-term effects of plastic pollution impact natural products and services due to death of wildlife, ill human health, and environmental destruction.  The negative economical outcomes prevent the world’s financial system to recover from 21st century encumbering challenges.

Going Green simply means to be conscious about lifestyles that reduce pollution and over burdening the planet through depleted resources needed for human survival.  All the information that is needed to shift lifestyles is available through simple internet searches, in libraries, and educational courses. 

Lifestyle changes takes the desire to make a difference in the world and recognize what is needed to support present and future generations of life.  Regenerating resources needed to support generations of life is termed Sustainable and becoming big business. 

Big business is what it takes to generate the disposable income and tax revenue that strengthens the ability of your government to function.  The choice is yours.  Do you have what it takes to be Sustainable?  Wildlife Matters.

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Image Daniele Zanni

Climate Change is a process that is a response of our environment over a period of time. There have been may signs letting you know that something was out of balance, or changing. Yet you did not understand how your environment may change the course of history.

The climate has shifted and changed over millions of Earth’s years. Climate change is an accelerated process of change as a result human lifestyles created from the Industrial Revolution. This revolution directed Gross Natural Product (GNP) as the business-as-usual financial infrastructure. Social norms were created as your behavior become ingrained into society.

It is important to note the GNP is dependent upon growing population numbers, manufacturing more stuff, and placing that stuff somewhere. This is not a long term viable process to sustain life on a limited amount of space; such as on Planet Earth. Only so much space is available on our planet.

There have been may sings where the Earth’s carrying capacity had been over reached. A time came when natural living systems were unable to clean-up and clear-out (bioremediate) the incredible waste created over time. The grey skies, polluted land and waterways, and terminal diseases signaled that a change in human behavior was needed to restore balance in your environment. It was a signal that it was time to restore a conscious, harmonious relationship with our natural environment.

Scientific inquiry is a process to drive understanding in the minds of curious individuals. These people attempted to model what they have developed to project what may happen in the future. The scientist joined together to create climate change models to forecast the future. What the models predicted was there were going to be an increase in the frequency and intensity of Natural Disasters that may flood major cities. The flooding of New York, Miami, Houston, New Orleans, and Corpus Cristy are examples of cities signaling that things were amiss. In January of 2020, a powerful magnitude 7.7 undersea earthquake struck the Caribbean sea. Hurricane Dorian exploded from a Category 3 to Category 5 hurricane as a huge wall of water had disastrous impacts on the Bahamas.

Climate change modeling predicted the increase in severity and virulence of microorganisms; hence your present pandemic. Curious if anyone has been following the state of diseases over the past 10 years to discover any signs of a steady increase is diseases that are claiming human lives. Indicating an imbalance in your environment where population numbers are going down.

So what do you do about this. Please comment about what you think will help to reduce the impacts from climate change. Or comment your ideas on what is going on with our environment.

Until later …….. Keep the faith.

For me: When I wake up then there is something for me to do. So I best get at it.

Abundant Blessings, Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD A big step to combat Climate Change is to reduce plastic bottle pollution. Bottle your own energized, oxygen rich, crystallin water in the convenience of your home. Discover more about how you may improve your well-being and hydrate with Liquid Crystallin Positive Energy at

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What is Your Norm?

mind achieve (2)
Developing your consciousness radar allows you to determine your place of belonging, your norm. A place that feels comfortable and normal. Your inner radar system is easy to access. You get to check into your place of power knowing. This place acts as a guidance system allowing you to navigate through the many opportunities that cross your path. Effectively navigating through what the 21st century has prepared for you sets the stage for miracles to bless your journey.
So how do you develop your consciousness radar you ask. Well, you may sit, close your eyes, and count from 10 to 1 while visualizing each number. Not really seeing the numbers. Yet knowing they are there, in your minds eye, since you have seen the numbers so many times. Or, if anything, know they exist.
Practice this simple task in the morning and in the evening and, the next thing you know, the process becomes easier and easier. You develop a trust that you have imagined the numbers in your head. Your trust turns into a sense of power, a sense of power knowing.

Side note: I love the phrase ‘Get to’. Geezee, change many of your phrases to ‘Get to’ and your whole life changes. The power of words is amazing. Anyway…….where was I……..o yea……Power Knowing!
Now, with practice, you get to use your power knowing radar system. So, when you are out and about with your daily thing and something, anything, pops in and throws you a bit off balance then start your count down, 10 to 1. It is like a time out as you continue on.
You may find yourself driving into a parking lot to get some grocery shopping done and you feel a bit off, your senses are signaling you. Check in, do you really want to go grocery shopping in that moment? Or are you doing what you think you are supposed to be doing? This is an example of what may be a social norm dictate or what is your norm. What makes you feel well and in balance and in control.
Know that you have the choice to say ‘no’ or ‘later’ to things that are not in line with what you feel you want to be involved with in a certain place and time. Taking time to sit on the grass at a park, barefoot to recalculate or reprioritize your life may be what you need. That special time you need to discover auspicious opportunities, blessings, or miracles that are in your life. Now, the more you do what it is you desire, or guided to do, then the more you align with your higher, inner guidance system that leads you, navigates you, to get to get the goodness that you deserve.
Another side note: There is the Law of Attraction that comes into play with all this. Know that what you put out comes back at ya. Do good, walk with integrity, serve with honor, and appreciate each and every miracle that arrives in each and every day then, poof, the miracles fly at ya. Hold out your arms and say Thank You for your miracles, even if you find a penny.

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Have you ever played that game of pass the information?  This was a great way to understand how information may be biased in the interpretation and translation.  I hope my meaning is translated effectively when I say that human survival is dependent upon nature.  Your world has been slowly changing in ways you may not realize.  Do know that nature’s lives support your survival.

The information game was great entertainment when my friends I sat and laughed forever.  Simply put, there may be about six or seven people sitting in a circle.  One person starts the process by secretly writing down a phrase or a thought on a piece of paper.  That person then turned to the person on their left and whispered that information into their neighbor’s ear.  One by one, the, hopefully exact, information was transferred through secret messaging around the circle.  This strategy continued until the whispering reached the last person sitting next to the one that started the process.  Try it, this is fun.

The result of this game is that the original phrase changed significantly due to the bias imposed by each person that heard what was whispered to them.  It makes me think of what a friend once told me.  She said her boyfriend was an ‘Experiential Believer’.  It took me a couple of years to finally internalize this concept.  It was important for me to understand that everyone has their own perception, assumption, interpretation of what they hear or experience.

It became my intention to not make assumptions or interpret a situation unless I actually experienced it first hand, where I was actually present when an event occurred.  Yes, it has taken understanding and removing my bias when interpreting what I hear.  Yet, taking on the position of being an ‘Experiential Believer’ is rather empowering.  I am reminded of a book by Miguel Ruiz, ‘The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom’.  Great book with great insights.  In summary; do not make assumptions, do not take anything personally, be impeccable with your word, and do the best you can.

The best I can do is to realize what really matters to me, to stand by what I know to be real and authentic.  Studying and teaching out of two Environmental Science university level textbooks allowed me to be exposed to information about how we live in our world and our impacts on our planet and nature.  For example: the change in our climate.  Our present pandemic was predicted in climate change modeling for over 15 years.

People have not made the behavioral lifestyle changes fast enough even though the information has been in the public media and in conversations.  So now we have changes forced upon us through pandemic restrictions.  Now we have a massive change in behavior.

It is so very important to understand how nature supports human survival.  Human behavior and climate change have gradually resulted in the mass extinction we are experiencing.  There has been a gradual change in our planetary conditions.  Our natural systems are unable to clean up (bioremediate), regenerate, and restore a healthy ecosystem for the survival of humans.  For example; less oxygen is being regenerated by plants due to the removal of greenspace through human development.  Hence, nature lives provide necessary resources for human survival.

Due to the limited availability of valuable resources then there is an innate drive for competition to be on the rise.  Perhaps more frustration, anger and aggression due to one’s inability to get what is needed to survive and thrive.

Perhaps it is time to step back, slow down, and work on what it is going to take to gain ‘personal freedom’.  Getting down to what is really important.  Nature Lives are really important for human health and wellbeing and survival.  Freedom is gained when each and every one of us nurtures and supports and creates habitat and reinforce food supplies and love Nature Lives.  You will experience a difference in your life.  Check out EPA health browser to discover how nature impacts your health.


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Shift to a Living Planet

bee flower.jpg

The incredible value placed on what nature offers for your survival is staggering.  According to a UN report (2), natural products and services are “estimated to be worth over USD $72 trillion a year” worldwide.  The economic effects allow you to bask in a luxurious lifestyle.  Nature is due such humble gratitude for your gifts.  Yet nature pays an unbelievable cost for your benefit.  Will little effort, you may repay your blessings with changes in lifestyle and landscape management.

Placing a value on nature all started with a bunch of very clever scientist (1) who took on the task of monetizing work done by the living (minus people) and non-living parts of your world.  Things like cleaning water, air, and soil; manufacturing medicines; providing disaster relief; creating radiant flowering designs to sooth you soul; and facilitating the rain fall.  All this for the pleasure and satisfy the needs of people.

Due to the unaware, unconscious mind, human behavior has caused natural systems to pay a big price for their efforts.  Mismanagement was not intentional.  For example, you have become quite used to the warming gifts of the sun that fuels the life of plants.  Some humanoids do not even realize that with every breath, a plant has cleaned the air and processed oxygen for you.  Many plants have perished at the hands of a logger which impact the quality of your air.

Another example of the unconscious awareness of the negative impacts of human behavior of human activity is the dumping of personal and business wastes.  Toxic pollution has littered the ground.  The Environmental Protection Agency has been called to action to list many toxic Superfund sites.  A google search may reveal a site near you.  Ok, nuff of that.

There are many, very simple things that you may do to pay your dues to nature.  I am sure many of you recycle, reuse, and reduce your wastes.  Purchasing in bulk removes much of the plastic packaging that is very difficult to breakdown with nature’s efforts.  Many of you have heard about solar panels, solar hot water heaters, and solar cooking ovens.

Side note: the best food I have ever tasted was prepared in a glass covered bowl placed in a solar cooking stove.

A great way to consciously managing your energy use is with a timer and surge protector unit.  Place the unit between your electrical devices and wall socket.  This will offer relief from the cost of phantom energy loss.

Of course, growing indoor, outdoor, and garden plants enhances your health.  Creating community gardens and parks provides a place for social gatherings.  Managing bird baths helps many different species of critters.  Trust me that nature knows when you are sending love in their direction and they respond in kind (literally).

Placing a monetary value on natures offerings enlightens your awareness as you become very conscious of your environment.  Paying attention to the many blessings nature bestows upon you allows you to develop a healthy relationship with all that exists.  Share your love and your emotions and well-being will benefit so many times over.


Until next time, Abundant Blessings.  Share this blog and Join our Newsletter to help save the world.  Support our projects and enhance your health by getting your Natural Water Unit.


Abundant Blessings,

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

1  Costanza, Robert, Ralph d’Arge, Rudolf de Groot, Stephen Farber, Monica Grasso, Bruce Hannon, Karin Limburg, Shahid Naeem, Robert V. O’Neill, Jose Paruelo, Robert G. Raskin, Paul Sutton, and Marian van den Belt.  1997.  The value of the world’s ecosystems services and natural capital.  Nature.  Vol. 387.  Pgs. 253-260.

2  Nellemann, C., E. Corcoran (eds).  2010.  Dead Planet, Living Planet – Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration for Sustainable Development.  A Rapid Response Assessment.  United Nations Environment Programme, GRID-Arendal.


3576193392_926ab0bfc3_o - Copy

Climate changing conditions has been with us for almost 200 years.  You have heard about it often I am sure.  Yet most people are science illiterate.  So do not feel alone.  The main take home from this huge environmental challenge is that we are all in the same situation.  We all meaning wildlife, birds, trees, and, the big one, microorganisms.  Virus is an example of a micro (small) organism (life form).

In reality, those teeny, tinny life forms are very important to the cycling of carbon, nitrogen and many other elements.  A paper titled ‘Scientists warning to humanity: microorganisms and climate change’ states that microorganisms play a major role in climate change biology.

We must realize that those litter critters respond and adapt to their environment.  Just like you and me.  The key is to adapt when the need arises.  These litter critters do not have a manual on how to adapt.  They sense and know then change.

Perhaps an example will help.  There was an explosion of rabbits that were taking over Australia.  So the powers that be and Biology scientists introduced a microorganism to kill the rabbits.  At first everything appeared to go as planned as rabbits died due to the disease inflicted by the little, microscopic critters.  Then adaptation kicked in.  When the microbe sensed that it may become extinct if all the rabbits died then a shift happened.  The microbe became less virulent (less harmful) to the rabbit so it, the microbes, may not all die off.

Perhaps these little organisms are responding as if their existence depends on taking a stand with our polluted and over populated planet.  The take home is that life responds and adapts to their environment.  The two big predictions from climate change modeling.  One is that there was going to be an increase in virulence of microorganisms.  This simply means that the litter critters were going to get very much more aggressive.

Another prediction is the increase in number and intensity of natural disasters.  There has been plenty of information on that in the past few years.  Yet that is another story.

So here we are in a pandemic that is forcing change upon us.

Actually, Yale and Stanford posted papers that remarked that the reason people are not moving fast enough to what it will take to combat climate change is all about social science not environmental science.  People understand how to locally respond to what is in their daily life.

Big High Five to those people that have made shifts in their behavior to slow the impacts of climate change.  Shifts that include recycling, composting, car-pooling, and many other behavior changes.  Geezee, I remember when I put all my trash in one can.

The ‘silver lining’ to this pandemic is that the skies are clearer due to the reduction of greenhouse gasses that shoot out of our auto tale pipes.  Another goodie is that families are becoming much closer and responsible for each other’s behavior.  Running around like a hamster on the exercise wheel has halted so, hopefully, stress levels are balancing out.

I suggest that we realize what else is a benefit from this virus invasion into our lives.  It is important to reprioritize what is important and act accordingly.  Taking steps to appreciate and respect all parts of our environment is very important to address.  Afterall, it is the environment that allows each one of us to live in harmony with each other.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD

Create Your Business Using Your Business Strengths with Jamie Siv Rognstad

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Jamie will share how she discovered a unique strengthfinder and how she used this to set up a successful business in Norway, and how she is now using it to go international. She speaks about how you can lead your marketing and communication from a place of confidence. She also shares with us how you can create a business founded on YOUR strengths and talents, and stop trying to follow other peoples’ systems.

Jamie Rognstad is the founder of the program MomentumBusinessClub, which is a program for new coaches, counselors and therapists who want to build a business from scratch, or for coaches who have been in business for a while, and want to take their business to the next level. Jamie is also the creator of Your Business. Your Rules., a method that her clients use to build a lucrative business system based on their own rules and strengths.

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Spiral Impact is her unique method that combines physics with martial art concepts for an eye-opening take on the way we engage with each other and with life circumstances. 


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Build Your Business Around Your Passion with Dr Gayle Carson

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The Spunky Old Broad, Gayle Carson, offers you Quality Character traits learned from her over 57 years in business.  Keep an open mind as you learn from this incredible Business expert. Diversify your talents and Talk Action on Your Inspiration as you Skyrocket Your Business.


 Dr Gayle graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Broadcasting, Theatre, and Speech.  During college she hosted two radio shows and began her training in live TV.


After college she moved to Miami and got her first job in two weeks.  One year later she bought the business and proceeded to diversify its sales base from one to seven divisions and it eventually became the largest independent organization in the industry. 


As CEO, Gayle managed a diverse staff of over 350 people, graduated more than a million students from her training programs and personally managed the company’s complex payroll.  While serving as CEO of her business, she received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.  During this time, she also served as a TV spokesperson for Clairol visiting major markets doing before and after makeovers. 


As President of the Carson Research Center, she served as a consultant to 50 industries on six continents, advising them on current business trends and cutting edge opportunities to stay ahead of their competition.  The author of five books, she hit the Amazon’s best sellers list, was a winner of the Best Seller Quill Award and was inducted into the National Academy of Best Selling Authors.


Selected as a “2007 Legend of the Speaking Profession” she hosted Entrepreneur’s “Women in Business” radio show, wrote for them and had articles in More Magazine.  Currently, she hosts a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the She is also the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants).


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Sustainable, Green Heart-Centered Natural Awareness Gifts You with Increased Wealth and Greater Health