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Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer, teaches on how to Attract your True Soul Tribe online.  Authentically Aligning with your Soul Tribe allows you to use the Law of Attraction as you share your Deepest Essence with the World.  Have fun with Marketing to Grow Your Business. 

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Simplicity Circle Founder Milana Leshinsky is creating a simplicity revolution for coaches, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses with ease.

Creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution, author of Coaching Millions, co-founder of JV Insider Circle, and an inventor of telesummit, Milana is known as a serial entrepreneur and paradigm shifter by many luminaries.

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Dr Elizabeth is a VISIONARY LEADER.  She Leads You on a Journey to Joyfully Manifest Your Vision and Achieve Your Mission.  Her Passion is Contagious and You Gain Valuable Insight on how to THRIVE with Your DREAMS.  Discover Your Life Filled with MIRACLES. 

Her Compassion and Determination rewarded her with a Doctorate from the University of Arkansas as a Single Parent.  A Love for the Environment and Wild gifts her with knowledge on Green Building, Financial Case for Green, and Waterwise landscaping. 

A Visionary Leader, Lover of Life, Gifted Intuitive, Poet, Genius, Educator, Scientist, Author, and Blogger, DR ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG will inspire you to Abundantly live the Life that beings you Joy and Happiness.  

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Sexuality Paradigm in Your Business

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Maria helps conscious women and men find love and relationships. Maria lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation. She brought professional coaching to Sweden as one of the founders of the national chapter of International Coach Federation.

She was a pioneer in Europe as the first Certified Slow Sex Coach and Advanced Orgasmic Meditation Trainer, educated by OneTaste, a global movement spreading the art and practice of female orgasm. She’s now gathering all her experiences together in a platform for conscious women and men who wants to go deep and understand that the next growth happens in relationships.

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 AVisionary Leader, Dr Elizabeth Armstrong.  Boost Your Business Success and Sustain Wholistic Wellbeing by Embracing a Natural Heart Spirit Lifestyle. 

Dr Liz acquired her PhD as a High School drop-out single parent.  She is a Lover of Life, Gifted Intuitive, Genius, Educator, Scientist, and Author.  Dr Elizabeth inspires You to Live Your Life of Joy.

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Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

-Norman Vincent Peale


Change is a Universal Law you may count on.  This transformational process was embodied in a catchy phrase created by a Greek philosopher when he realized this constant phenomenon.  You are empowered by developing your skills to change through growth and success.  Inspiration may be witnessed in the constant change that is displayed in your natural environment.  Nature has applied this simple processes to achieved incredible results.


The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (535 – 475 BC) of Ephesus coined the phrase “Change is the only Constant in Life”.  In essence Change is Constant.  He realized that this process was a fundamental order to the Universe.  He wrote a book that has been destroyed.  Only fragments of his mysterious book are immortalized by quotes used by other scholars.  Notably “You could not step twice into the same rivers; for other waters are ever flowing on to you”.


Change is a continuous process that may improve upon what exists.  Many small and large changes are added to create a masterpiece.  You may witness this process in nature as an emerging seedling becomes a towering tree.  Time and environment crafts the end result through trial, error, and success.  You may benefit as an entrepreneur to fashion a Fortune 500 empire through inspired creativity.  An unexplained power endures as you repeatedly customize a vision into a masterpiece, demonstrating your unique skills.  In the words of Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often”.


The Natural Environment is a testimony to the amazing power housed in the process of change.  In a lifetime, a frog adapts to his Universe as he transmutes from an immature tadpole to a rapidly moving aquatic gymnast.  Changes over many lifetimes allows life to evolve in harmony with environmental opportunities.  These responses to environmental signals are time honored over millions of years.  Be empowered by tapping into the ever present mystifying phenomenon discovered in nature that is available through conscious awareness.  Nathaniel Braden stated it nicely, “The first step toward change is awareness.  The second step is acceptance”.


You live in a world dictated by Universal Laws.  A renowned historic philosopher recognized and documented change as one of those laws.  Change offers you an incredible source of power to succeed in your professional environment.  Be empowered by the abundant wealth of inspiration that may be discovered from the grandest of all change makers in the Heart of Nature.


About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong is a Visionary Leader.  She activates your Intuitive Spirit to achieve your Divine Potential.  Balance the Power of Your Heart and Mind in partnership with Nature.  Dr. Liz is a poet, speaker, author, and educator. or drlizarmstrong[at]



A historic day with peaceful showing of women solidarity occurred on January 21 in 2017.  According to USA Today, an estimated 2.5 million people showed up for the Women’s Marches worldwide.  The 21st century is an incredible time when women are showing up, overcoming challenges, and demonstrating their abilities to build a strong, vigorous economy.  This is a call to action for women and men to take a stand for dignified gender equality in business and in the world.

In 15 of the top developed countries, the number of people in the present workforce generation are greater than those people that are found in the younger and older age groups.  People ages 25 to 64 years old comprise 53.74% of the population.  Those representitives that are 65+ years old are only 15.86%.  Those ages 0-14 years old are 17.74% and people 15 to 24 years old fit into 12.67% of the total numbers (8).  There may be a significant gap with those leaving the workforce then the numbers of people needed to enter and replace the working population to support a strong economy.  Providing opportunities for women to fit into and support the new founding business environment may be the key factor in supporting “significant macroeconomic gains” in the labor market (2).

We must face the reality that women still face barriers to enter into the unbalanced gender equality of the business world.  The female presence in upper management and board positions are still low (1, 2).  Women face added discrimination, lack of support, biased language style discrepancies, and increased risk of electronic bullying when completing for men in the work force.  Ironically, companies with upper representation of women in executive committees perform significantly better than companies with no women at top.  The numbers are surprising with an increase of a 47% average return on equity and greater than 55% average earnings before interest and taxes (1) when women are seated in powerful roles.

There is an incredible growth of women who have entered into the workforce.  In 2014, the proportion of women reached 40.7 percent compared to 28.6 percent in 1979 (5).  Women are creatively designing their own businesses.  Recent numbers show where the number of women owned small businesses are growing up to 50% faster than the sum total of small businesses owned by both genders (4).  This seems logical since it is easier to start a business and work from home when a women take-on a greater responsibility with housework and more time needed for day care of children, elderly, and sick (7).

Women are embracing their right to gender equality against the additional responsibilities needed for the support and wellbeing of family and community members with their shoes on.  Women are responding by taking action to be inclusive in our working economy.  It will take a financial investment in women to serve as a “driver for social and economic development’ (6).

We are all facing major challenges in the 21st century.  Women and many men must be applauded for their determination to reinforce a healthy economy.  Taking a stand to show their unified allegiance for gender equality is exactly what is needed to send a message out to the world.  It is time for the Force of the Feminine to welcome their innate gifts.  These nurturing gifts include love, compassion, and collaboration.  Women are also known for their strong intuitive wisdom.  Let’s us all move in gratitude and accept our feminine gifts and use these blessings to Co-Create a World Economy to be Proud of.  It is time to “mobilize the world’s financial leaders to build systems that serve the majority of the population” (3).

About the Author:

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong, the “Greenie Genie”, leads on a journey to tap into Your share of $72 trillion in Natural Products and Services and with building your online business.  You learn how to balance Heart and Mind awareness in partnership with Nature.  She is a speaker, author, and educator.  Contact her at or


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From the middle 19th into early 20th centuries there lived a man who embodied a heart-felt love to be modeled by many.  Luther Burbank’s genius serves to offer a light into a world of compassion.   He allied with nature on a mission to feed and serve humanity.  His gentle spirit formed a mutually beneficial relationship with plants to develop a grand diversity of food crops.  He left a legacy that carries on to serve through the arts and gardening.


Luther Burbank’s began his path of compassion when he recognized a need to feed a nation.  Ireland experienced six long years of famine that killed over a million of their people (2).  Potatoes were a major crop grown in this agricultural nation.  Living in Massachusetts, Burbank discovered a unique ball of potato seeds growing in his garden (3).  He meticulously germinated and grew the seedlings.  The gentle tending of the plants resulted in what is now known as the ‘Russet Burbank Potato’.  This natural potato strain was resistant to the blight that destroyed the crops of Ireland.


This genius of a man decided to carry on his legacy by moving to California.  He went on to develop “more than 800 strains and varieties of plants” that satisfies your pallet (4).  Luther’s relationship with plants baffled scientists and nurserymen.  This insightful man possessed an intuitive understanding of Charles Darwin’s work.  He was respected by the famous Paramahansa Yogananda.  He was sought out and partnered with the Stark Bothers nursery business men.


How was one that only completed an elementary level education able to achieve so much in a lifetime?  It must have been due to his ability to spiritually commune “with the forces of nature and the cosmos” that contributed to his incredible success with plants (3).  The founder of the Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles, Manly P. Hall, reported where Burbank went to his knees to talk with the plants to get what he desired.  Luther spoke of human’s inability to understand the “over twenty sensory perceptions of plants”.  It was this humble man’s goal to “create a vibration of love” in harmony with plants.


This fascinating humanitarian’s love carries on well after his passing through the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.  The center’s mission is designed to “enrich, educate and entertain children and adults” (1).  You may find the Burbank Center in the North Bay, near to San Francisco.  His nurturing spirit may still be present where the facility is available for families, performances, programs that embrace the arts, culture, and gardens.  Many of his plant creations may be found throughout the gardens at the center.


May you be inspired to form allied relationships with the rich diversity of life that co-inhabit on our Precious Planet Earth.


About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong, the “Greenie Genie”, leads on a journey to tap into Your share of $72 trillion in Natural Products and Services and with building your online business.  You learn how to balance Heart and Mind awareness in partnership with Nature.  She is a speaker, author, and educator.  Contact her at or



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Most of the food you eat and the drink you consume are dependent upon the valuable natural service offered by honey bees.  These little understood flying nectar lovers carry the pollen from one flower to the next so fruit are able to develop.  A seed is formed to support the survival of the next and future generations of plants.  You benefit by having a large selection of food and beverages to support your needs; like coffee.


The coffee bean is one of these very valuable economic products that is created through its mutually-beneficial relationship with a bee.  The bee benefits from the sweet nectar as a food source and the bean flowers thrive when pollen is transferred between flowers.


There is a third-party member involved in this intimate relationship.  A neighboring tropical rain forest offered its gifts to improve the results of the bee and flower fertilization dance in nature.  The Science magazine revealed a Costa Rican farmer’s success that was supported by the work of a World Wildlife Fund team of scientists.  This crew decided to look deep into the secrets of these special relationships.


In 2002, Taylor Ricketts team observed 111 bee species that were extremely fond of coffee flowers.  They took the study one step further by noticing the influence of the tropical rain forest that grew along the side of the farm.  They found some incredible results when they combined their findings with information on market prices of the time.


The value of the bee/coffee/rain forest community relationships provided this one plantation with an increase in financial revenue of $62,000 annually.  The coffee plants that grew near to the forests had 20% greater yields and 27% fewer deformed plants.


The diversity rich rain forest offered its gifts by providing different unique habitats for the diverse bee species to call home.  Each specie of bee had their own temperature, moisture, and predator relationships that impacted their survival and optimum performance.  Constant changes in environment conditions impacted changes in annual bee survival found within a bee specie.  Due to the many different bee habitats, bees had many different places to live.  There was a constant supply of bee services that were insured by the presence of the rain forest that catered to the diverse bee species.


As you enjoy your next cup of coffee, know that your brew is the result of many natural products and services offered through wildlife relationships.


Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong, the ‘Green Genie’, is a Speaker, Author, Blogger and Coach.  You may contact her at drlizarmstrong(at) to schedule a chat.  Learn how you can tap into your share of $72 trillion annually of Nature’s Products and Services.



Forming partnerships is a part of life.  You may choose to be involved with a partnership.  Or you may become involved in a partnering relationship without even knowing it.  How does it feel to know you have an opportunity to maximize on a partnership that embodies proven strategies for success?  Nature offers you an opportunity to join a winning team that has thrived and overcome incredible challenges for millions of years.


Nature is made up of many different community members.  Most members are able to respond, without thinking, as they work together to support the whole system.  Working alone isolates you from an abundant of opportunities and resources that boosts your ability to thrive.  Working alone increases your responsibilities, your workload, and your need to create solutions to challenges.  Being a partner in a natural ecosystem that values your inputs provides you with riches beyond measure.


Ecosystem simply means a composite that is made up of all of its interacting parts.  For example; a kitchen ecosystem is made up of the cabinets, people, food, cookware, and everything else that may be found in the kitchen environment.  You define the limits that define an ecosystem.


The parts of nature work together in harmony to design the best strategy for success.  Natural systems are able to communicate across great distances in waves of energy.  The members of the system are able to respond to the good or the bad arriving from any direction.  The speed and efficiency of the response sets the stage for the continuous survival of the system.  You can be a major player in this system with only a thought.  The thought must focus on a community mindset.


Your ability to be a part of this amazing community is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Nature is present everywhere, around the world.  You may not be able to see nature in a concrete environment.  Yet with the help of a microscope, you will discover natural life in many forms.  Each one of these life forms are equipped to take action and respond to the needs of the whole system.  How does it feel to know that you have a workforce ready 24/7 to offer you what you need to thrive?


The choice is yours to be an active, positive partner is the magnificent natural ecosystem that is found worldwide.  You have the opportunity to reap the abundant rewards that are generously offered to you for your success.  Access into this incredible natural community is available to you with only a thought.  Know that you are already connected.  The key to access the riches found in nature is to heighten your awareness and understanding of the natural environment.


Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong is an Author, Nature Lover, Educator, Speaker, and Collaborator.  Her steep learning curve and acute intuitive skills allows her to effectively serve her clients.  You may contact Dr. Liz at

Sustainable, Green Heart-Centered Natural Awareness Gifts You with Increased Wealth and Greater Health