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Women embrace many inherent skills that originate from their heart center.  These gifts offers an ability to collaborate when involved in relationships.  The term relationship is used loosely to include interactions between a parent and child, two siblings, and friends.  However the focus is between a leader and their assistant in a work environment.


Birute Regine wrote a paper about what is tagged “radical vulnerability”.  It is my focus to highlight a few of the main traits that support a vulnerable feminine leadership strategy to achieve common goals.


Resilience is a common thread to be found in the feminine leadership style.  When women are able to tap into their intuition then the ebb and flow of interactions becomes more fluid.  It is important to recognize where an exchange of information between two people must include each individual personalities that may navigate the stream of dialog.


Response to what is perceived from an individual may include what is or not said and particular body language expression.  Remaining flexible to evaluate the direction a communication stream is moving provides an avenue to create a mutually beneficial relationship.  A leadership stance of resilient allows for a win/win outcome that benefits all involved.


Transparency is another common trait discovered from Birute’s research.  The fear of being hurt may cause you to hide within a cocoon of emotions.  When open to the deep connection with someone then you are able to be direct from a position of compassion.  With compassion comes understanding that unites all participants on a common platform.


When your vulnerable side is exposed then a bond is formed between all involved in the relationship.  This positions allows for a way to “nurture the full range of our reactions and expressions to the world”.  The honest and open dialog provides opportunities for a transformational experience that strengthens a relationship.


The third trait I wish to include is Spirit.  Women possess a deep connection to their inner knowing.  Soothing and supporting the inner soul of all individuals evolves into a mutual respect for the unique gifts that each individual delivers to a relationship and working environment.  An interaction that recognizes all parts of the whole-self enriches any bond that that may be needed between a leader and their aids.


This wholesome awareness supports an understanding that each participant has a responsibility to utilize all of their gifts for the success of any endeavor.  Tapping the inner, spiritual awareness requires a time to reflect and process information.  It may be this simple step that provides the perfect perspective to address and move through an issue to the benefit of all involved.


Our workplace is predominantly driven by a “domination model of aggression” that lacks certain feminine traits.  Feminine leaders are using their innate abilities to soften present conditions.  Their skills are proving to be successful with learning from vulnerable moments that results in a new strength in their working environment.  The result becomes more of an interaction based on persuasion rather from domination.  This tactic softens the interactions between leaders and associates.  The end result may be a peaceful and harmonious environment where we want to live.


Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Author and Lifestyle Mentor.  She serves Proactive Women and Conscious Men to Ground their Unique Skills in a Heart-Centered Awareness to bring Greater Joy into Your Life.  Check out her Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com.  Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through her website: http://www.jazzyeco.com.


Regine, EdD, Birute.  “Letting the Heart Fall Open: Spirit, Vulnerability, and Relational Intelligence in the Workplace”.




brain hemispheres

An intellectually stimulating discussion highlight at a Friday evening debriefing from a long work-week are gender differences when thinking. Your, perceived, main information processor is composed of two distinct hemispheres, the “right-brain” and “left-brain”. Rumor has it that the “right” leans to the side of being more intuitive, thoughtful, and perception oriented. The “left” favors logic, analytical, and rational thinking (1, 2). Women and men manage different mental pathways when they play out their unique sexist roles.

Neuropsychologist Raquel Gur, MD, PHD, collaborated on a study to determine if and how women and men, ages 8 to 22, process information differently through the brain (4). It is fascinating to reveal that compared to men, women have a greater amount of blood that enters and moves through vessels found in the brain.

Women experience a high degree of connections across the hemispheres that suggests a unified approach to processing information. On the other hand, men’s mental processing of information aligns with connections that occur between the back and frontal brain regions.

Women tend to think using their intuition and “verbal reasoning” when making decisions. Men sway towards utilizing “visual and perception centers” and are “more likely to respond impulsively” (4).

Another study revealed that although women and men are skilled with manipulating right and left brain qualities, their way of processing information is distinct. Women are more likely to process material using “analytical and intuitive strategies” (3). Men tend towards maximizing on “perception and coordinated action” (3).

Scientific results are in and facts show that although both women and men may walk upright, there are strong differences in their thinking styles.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an environmental expert, author, business owner, and speaker. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Website: www.jazzyeco.com. Join our clan at http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=9mxfmitab&p=oi&m=1120193928602&sit=mszgbbpjb&f=d6713d32-713c-4837-8c06-18fcdfd5200d


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woman and man

Women and men are similar in that they both walk upright. Both sexes have similar physical appearances; such as eyes, nose, feet and hands, to name a few. Yet there are distinct differences that define a particular gender. One of the differences is the genetic make-up found in the human cell.

GENES: Understanding the exact mechanism that charts how genes determine the sex of an individual is elusive since there are over 20,000 different genes working together to process information in a human cell (1). This incredible number of genes are housed along a total of 23 matched pairs of complimentary DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid double helix) units or chromosomes that are restricted within a cell. They are the building blocks that design your whole-self.

Each one of the trillions of cells that makes-up your-self is the mysterious processing factory for the translation of genetic information into the physical manifestation of the very unique you. The major difference between a woman and a man is found on one of the paired 23 DNA units, the Y chromosome. For women, one of the 23 matching chromosome sets is shown as XX, a homogametic sex. For men, the matching sex chromosome set is XY. These are two distinct heterogametic chromosomes.

The outcome of gender is in the 80 or so genes located on the Y chromosome. The Y genetic make-up initiates a domino effect that begins with the production of testosterone. This initiates a chain reactions where pro-female, pro-male, anti-female, and anti-male genes are alerted to manifest the appropriate sex (2i). It is a concerted dance of genes that are concentrated on the entire set of 23 chromosomes. One genetic unit is the sex chromosome and other 22 chromosomes are named autosomes.

As a result it is safe to suggest that woman and man are created differently.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Environmental expert, Speaker, Author, and Educator. Blog: http://www.naturemystic.wordpress.com. Get Your Free Report at: www.jazzyeco.com. Contact Dr. Liz at mystic@jazzyeco.com or through facebook at www.facebook.com/drelizabeth.armstrong for your Complimentary Strategy Session to Thrive through 21st Century Challenges.


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clocks Historic time

Synchronicity arrives when unrelated events fortuitously arrive at the same time or relate to the same situation. December 21, 2015 was one of those events where books were written, that experts prophesied, and a cosmic alignment set the stage for the Winter Solstice celebration. The Restart of the Mayan Calendar and Birthing into a New Humanity was one of those synchronistic occasions. What has ensued is a powerful movement that is shifting humanity towards a new revolution, the Consciousness R-evolution.



My first taste of information about the 2012 major event popped into my path with Barbara Marciniak’s Path to Empowerment text. It was one of those moments when I was unable to refuse the literary gift about intergalactic messengers, the Pleiadians. Her writings set the stage for a historic shift in human development spurred by a world in crisis. The root cause was a closely held resistance, or fear of “knowing the truth”.

My curiosity was aroused. What was this mysterious message that held people so tightly to their belief system that they lived in fear? What were the apocalyptic scenarios that held a world of crisis?

Ms. Marcinick channeled the Pleiadian’s lesson about a specific time period between 1987 and 2012 that was to be a catalyst for change. This was a “turning point in a very powerful cycle of human development” (4). She mentioned three stages of universal acceleration starting at 10X to 100X, to 1,000X’s, each lasting about six to eight years as we progressed towards 2012. A steadily increasing stream of cosmic energies were transforming the Earth.

At lightning-like speed, humanity was to evolve toward a state of greater self-awareness and sensitivity. Individuals were to awaken to address their life situations and delve into the infinite possibilities to discover and resolve the secrets that held them in the bondage of fear.

It was important to realize that “what you think about and focus on comes into being with equal swiftness” (4). Was that the hidden truth – that we each hold the power to create our own reality? Knowing that our power comes from within is transformative.

It is easy to witness the subtle sub-conscious and conscious evolutionary force that is embracing the people on the planet. I believe the mystery is held in the power of the choice as we all move through these incredible times that have been prophesized through ancient wisdom.


My second call to action arrived during the summer of 2012. A Birth 2012 event was about to arouse humanity. I sat in church as Barbara Marx Hubbard captivated her audience. Who was this woman that was voted to run for the Vice President of the United States?

Ms. Hubbard spoke of an extraordinary breakthrough in awareness she experienced about 40 years earlier. She was witness to a cosmic explosion and realized that humanity was on the brink of a revolutionary shift in consciousness. Now here she was at the dawn of the December 21, 2012, Winter Solstice to prepare us for what was to come.

Ms. Hubbard’s Conscious Evolution book (2) was written to unify the masses with a progressive movement, enlightening us to the dawning of a new world. She outlined specific conditions that have delivered to us to this present consciousness shift; the 3 C’s. We find ourselves at an era of new Cosmology, new Crisis, and new Capacities.

Ms. Hubbard launched the Foundation for Conscious Evolution to spur on the next stage of human evolution. This pioneering educational community prepares you to enhance your skills and collaborate with like-minded individuals to change the world.   Jump in to spark your creative abilities to empower civilization to fulfill their potential.


My third initiation into the 2012 event arrived at a New Age Conference. A panelist of experts convened to share their expertise about the end of the Mayan calendar culminating in December.

I was intrigued to learn more about a unique planetary alignment around this 2012 Winter Solstice (3). Our Milky Way galaxy is a large spiraling, whirling mass of stars, planets, and other cosmic debris that circulate around a Black Hole that is located at its center (1).

It is common that our planet Earth revolves around our Sun that spirals around the bright star Alcyone located at the center of the Pleaides Constellation. Alcyone rotates around the star Sirius, the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. This massive movement of planets and stars revolves around the central Black hole. Around the 2012 momentous occasion there was to be a unique celestial alignment where the Earth and these stars were aligned with the center of the Black Hole.

This historic event does not occur often in relation to a human life-time. The Galactic Alignment happens about every 26,000-year cycle and termed the Great Astronomical Year (3). The Earth was carried by the Sun’s force to travel at around 500,000 miles per hour as it circles around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, that massive Black Hole.

The Mayans and Hindu’s suggested that our Earth and Sun, Alcyone, and Sirius aligned up with the center of the black hole on December 21, 2012 (1). The Mayans were considered to be great Astronomers. They predicted that the last eight years leading up to the 2012 event there was a Sun-Venus-Earth alignment; another monumental event in their calendar (3).

Another pivotal climactic event in relation to the stars was the shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius where we find ourselves at the present. A transitioning shift occurred sometime in the late 2014. The shifting of ages occur approximately every 2,200-year cycle.

We find ourselves at incredible times where major shifts are in the wind. The choice is yours on where to direct your journey and how to live your life’s path.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Environmental expert, Speaker, Author, and Educator. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Get Your Free Report at: www.jazzyeco.com. Contact Dr. Liz at mystic@jazzyeco.com for your Complimentary Strategy Session to Thrive through 21st Century Challenges.


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Chicago sunset

Our World is in a pickle. The 21st century ushers in an abundance of challenges. It has taken decades of human behavior to create the mess we are embracing. An opportunistic attitude provides riches for those willing to innovate for success. Solutions are scattered throughout the internet with easy access and welcoming collaborative relationships. Are you ready to dive into the next stage of global evolutionary development?

You must face your problems to have the knowledge needed to innovate for solutions. Human lifestyles dictated by the Industrial Revolution has polluted the vital resources necessary for the survival of life on our Planet. “Water, food, air, [soil, biodiversity], and natural ecosystems continue to erode and threaten the survival of life on Earth” (1).

Trash and waste are terms used to dispose of resources that do not fit into the prime product marketing lines. Blindly we cast out an abundance of riches stored in the remains of animal metabolism, manufacturing, consumption, and end-of-life electronics. What ensues are hazardous chemical concentrations that create natural disasters, physical and emotional ill-health, mass extinction, and death around the globe.

Historically, natural processes recycled these wastes. Yet rapid urban development and agricultural landscapes eliminated the space occupied by the biodiverse richness of life that offered valuable products and services to recycle Earth’s wealth. The United Nations Environment Program equates these benefits to be $72 trillion annually, worldwide (4). Presently, our economic infrastructure ecosystem is burdened with being a surrogate bioremediator, living hazardous clean-up machine.

Enlightened entrepreneurs and “Big Business” are forming mutually beneficial relationships to solve our problems and remain viable. “Natural Capital” has become a well-known buzz-word to balance the financial spreadsheets. Governments, businesses, and international institutions convened the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) to support the rapid growth of sustainable practices (2). The 2014 World Investment Forum catalyzes the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) to secure responsible investor money (5).

We are in historic times where change is transforming the face of our economy and your lifestyle. Evolution simply means change. The people of this planet are evolving rapidly. Barbara Marx Hubbard stipulates that it takes crises to initiate a major shift in consciousness (3). It took a woman to acknowledge the truth of climate change when she watched her house wash out into the Atlantic Ocean as a result of Hurricane Sandy. What will be your motivator for a change in behavior to experience increased wealth and improved well-being?

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Environmental expert, Speaker, Author, and Educator. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Get Your Free Report at my Website: www.jazzyeco.com. Contact Dr. Liz at mystic@jazzyeco.com for your Complimentary Strategy Session to Thrive through 21st Century Challenges.


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lady jump w scarf

My latest adventure led me to be a part of an incredible event, the eWomen Network conference. Sandra Yancey’s annual village gathering provides a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive. The event stimulated spirits to flourished, emotions to be purged, and networking relationships to bond. Speakers and vendors were attentive to fuel the growth of the participants. I am in awe of the auspicious insight of the powerfully gifted network founder, Sandra Yancey, for her dedication to be of service for others.

Opportunities abound when time is spent following the bread-crumbs left behind in the social media venue. On one occasion I came upon the eWoman website. I was fascinated by their soon to arrive conference. The volunteer tab beckoned me to sign-up and support this event.            In a timely manner I was informed about my approval and details to provide my services. I did not know what to expect as my interest grew about this community. My experience far out-weighed anything I was able to imagine.

I was dwarfed by the grandeur of the artfully decorated ballroom with close to a thousand seats placed around the tables. Crystalline chandeliers introduced the prestige of the occasion. Each day, Ms. Sandra entered the stage moving in rhythm to the music as she welcomed those that dared to strut their stuff on the stage. Women and conscious men were in attendance. The room was full of villagers and live streamers were witness to the events.

Emotions radically shifted from laughter to tears and to harmony. Tissues were needed as deep seated emotions were released during the transformational experience and growth ensued. Part of the process involved neighborly connections to facilitate networking. Choreographed videos guided participants on journeys of inner-discovery and self-empowerment. Honorary acknowledgements gifted those that dedicated their life to service. The microphone was passed to reveal the mental processing of personal advancements.

Contributors were recognized and speakers shared their stories. Presenters shared their journeys to allow participants to learn and know that success was achieved by moving through the challenges. Business infrastructure developed through trial and error simplified the process for entrepreneurs to thrive. Insight and opportunities to soar graced individuals that decided to be fortuitously in the presence of excellence. The speaker line-up was testimony to life choices based on moving with integrity, dignity, honor, happiness, and love.

The conference foundation included vendors that tirelessly catered to those seeking guidance. Breakout sessions were available to mentor and support those looking for information on specific areas of interest. Private coaching rooms were used to provide uninterrupted, personal discussions. Water was always accessible and periotic food offerings set the stage for excellence and convenience.

Ms. Yancey made use of every opportunity to recognize her staff. It was obvious that employees of her business had warm feelings about their leader. They efficiently managed the behind-the-scenes operations of the event and were attentive to the needs of the seekers.

Ms. Yancey endearing words about her husband, Kim, was a testimony to the heart-felt appreciation for him. Mr. Yancey’s presence was evidence to how he is a major player with eWomen Networking. He supports the whims of his wife with her entrepreneur path. Ms. Sandra mentioned him often with love and adoration. He provided a steady arm for her to lean on when she looked for the strength to move with graceful balance within our ecosystem.

Personally, I awoke daily with revelations, was transformed, and carried by the sails of this moving vessel. I feel deeply honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this event. I am convinced that eWomen has catalyzed my business and emotional growth. It is my goal to be a member of eWomen and continue to be of service to empower myself and others. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Yancey for contributing to my life’s evolution.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an author and owner business owner. Get her book, Align With The Wild, at amazon.com. Check out her Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Join the Edible Garden Challenge: facebook.com/ediblegardenchallenge. Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through her website: http://www.jazzyeco.com.


essenes and DS Scrolls

An encounter with Native Americans resulted in being gifted with two books about a sacred community that lived around two thousand years ago, the Essenes. Exploring these texts led me on a fascinating journey about people that resided, in part, near the Dead Sea. Magically, a series of events placed me at a convention where past-life Essenes believed they were reborn into 21st century present-days to restore Peace on Earth.

An invite arrived that was difficult to resist as I mingled with others at a spirit fair. A Native American couple honored me with a request that I visit their community. I jumped at the opportunity. Within a week I found myself near the interface of Cherokee and Osage reservations. The handsome couple and I became engaged in talks of earthly spirits, blessings, cleansings, and honoring our ancestors.

It was so natural to express feelings of gratitude. We exchanged precious gifts that were heart-felt and perfect for the receiver. I was spiritually guided to select a large, beautiful feather from my collection of findings gathered from previous walks. It felt appropriate to offer a specific family necklace after a moving conversation.

In return two prized texts from a private library found their way into my possession. I was in awe of the rhythmic sharing of abundance. Little did I know about the energy that was being introduced into my life’s journey. Little did I know about potency of the Essene people that lived prior to the birth of Jesus and existed to support his calling.

The books held secrets from people that were involved in the process of past-live regression. The books introduced me to a process where hypnosis was used by well-trained professionals to guide a seeker into their past lives. I was able to understand that how they chose to live in the past impacted the karmic well-being of an individual. In one case, two different individuals were friends from the past and interacted while in a deep state of sub-consciousness regression.

The first book, Essene: Children of the Light (SJ 2005), provided insight about the diverse collaborative network of communities working to support each other. Women and men lived together to create a home-base for visitors. Travelers journeyed far to collect manuscripts. Scribes joyfully labored to translate and document sacred writings.

The second book, The Power of the Magdalene (SJ 2012), reveled information on the powerful balancing effect issued forth by honoring the blessings of women and men. It is proposed that a total of 144 disciples were dedicated to the teachings of Jesus. There were six groupings of disciples in relation to how close they were to Jesus. Each group contained 12 female and 12 male disciples.

My scientific, logical thinking was unable to prevent me from seeking more information.

It was months into my reading when my examinations led me to the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is a lake that is proposed to be around three millions years old. The terrain extends across the landscape around 3400 feet above sea level. In a span of about 13 miles, you drop to almost 1400 below the level of the sea to reach the lake. The salt and mineral rich waters prevents almost all life to exist. It is near the banks of this Dead Sea where the scrolls were uncovered around 1947 (PBS).

Caves litter the landscape where thousands of manuscript fragments where stored. These historic findings opened a door to the rich communities of people and their holy documents, the Essenes. The manuscripts revealed Bible texts that were preserved after many years of hibernation in caves. Books of Hebrew Scriptures were liberated and “The Isaiah Scroll” was interpreted.

Fascination urged me on to devourer the information in the precious books published by Ozark Mountain Publishing. A spiritual awakening occurred as I was guided to be a player in this community. At first I did not listen or follow where I was directed. Yet repeated signals channeled my course. A comment from a friend, post-card placed in my hands, and the fortuitous arrival of an email inspired me to finally accept my calling.

The Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference was a sail that shifted my path. People gathered from all over the world to convene. The Northwest Arkansas annual event was an opportunity for people to gather and share their wisdom and past-lives. It was common to have a conversation with one that possess an inner knowing that they are joining other Essene community members in the present to serve in the New World Awakening. An awakening into peace and harmonic relations.

I feel fortunate to have used my feminine heart-centered, intuitive awareness that allowed a higher knowing that steered me on this rewarding passage. It was refreshing to open to the revelations without logic or ego to slow my advances. A path filled with opportunities to receive gifts, explore their contents, and learn about an Essene civilization. To gain insight into a way of life dedicated to sharing knowledge and wisdom for the future of humanity. A civilization that moved in harmony with Jesus as our way shower.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an environmental expert, author, owner business owner, and speaker. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Website: www.jazzyeco.com. Join our clan at http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/d.jsp?llr=9mxfmitab&p=oi&m=1120193928602&sit=mszgbbpjb&f=d6713d32-713c-4837-8c06-18fcdfd5200d

Abundant Blessings.


White, L. Michael. 1998. The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls: What does the discovery of these scrolls reveal about the first century Judaism and the roots of Christianity?. Online <http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/religion/portrait/essenes.html>

Wilson, Stuart and Joanna Prentis. 2005. The Essenes: Children of the Light. Ozark Mountain Publishing, Huntsville, Arkansas

Wilson, Stuart and Joanna Prentis. 2012. Power of the Magdalene: The Hidden Story of the Women Disciples. Ozark Mountain Publishing, Huntsville, Arkansas


Does Your Thank You Sound Canned?

deb brown

Image of Deb Brown, Guest Blogger

Think back to when you were a child. Did your parents ever tell you to say thank you? Depending on your age and attitude, you may have done it with a chip on your shoulder. The note you wrote may have sounded insincere. The verbal thanks may have been quick and forced. You can force a person to say thank you, but you can’t force them to be thankful.

I recently received a hand written note in the mail about a month after purchasing some new couches from a local furniture store. At first I was surprised and touched that the salesperson at the big warehouse of a store would take the time to thank me. As I read the note, it sounded more like a catalogue description of the items we purchased than a sincere expression of thanks.

The first thing she did wrong was she wrote inaccurate information. She mentioned we made, “her afternoon very enjoyable.” Both times we visited the store it was in the evening – close to closing time. When I read that, I didn’t think she actually remembered us. If you are going to write a thank you note, either write it immediately while the interaction is fresh in your memory or make some notes about your customer so you can accurately personalize it later.

As I continued to read, I was pretty sure she had copied her words from the product description. She wrote, “They have stylish relaxed traditional design that makes your room warm and inviting. They also provide plenty of comfortable seating for family and friends.” What?!? If she would have completely left those sentences out, the thank you note would have been better. This is a case where less is more.

A thank you note has the potential to build a relationship, whether business or personal. Here are 3 tips to write a thank you note that will delight the recipient:

  1. Make it personal. Say something personal about the person or your interaction with them. It could be something you talked about. You might mention something interesting or funny that happened when you were together. We actually made our purchase as the store was closing. They had to call to keep the computer system up a few minutes longer, employees were leaving, and alarms were going off. Mentioning any of these things in a playful way would have brought a smile to our face as we read it.
  2. It doesn’t have to be long. Sometimes you feel the need to fill the entire note card. Adding words (especially from the product description) doesn’t make your thank you note any more appealing. Just write what is important and then leave the card partly blank if you have to. If I read the note I received, leaving out the product description part, it actually impacts me more.
  3. Speak from the heart. Just like people could tell when your parents forced you to say thank you, your thank you note will sound forced if you are forcing yourself to thank them. Sincerity is what will connect with the recipient.

If you want more help writing a meaningful thank you note, check out my other blog article, How to Write a Thank You Note. (http://touchyourclientsheart.com/a-sample-thank-you-letter-2/)

Deb Brown is the founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart. She believes the key to client retention and word of mouth referrals is as simple as nurturing business relationships. Deb speaks, teaches and consults on how to build business relationships for more revenues. She helps small service-based businesses build their business by building relationships. To find out how to WOW your clients, go to: www.WOWClientsNOW.com


costa rica dancing lady

SUSTAINABILITY: Costa Rica primarily caters to eco-tourism to support the economy and preserve species biodiversity and natural landscape that impacts the world’s well-being.

HISTORY: The end of the military in 1948 was followed by a democratic government and a trend of deforestation that cleared about 80% of Costa Rica’s forests. American industries moved in and exported products contributing to the financial infrastructure supported by coffee and cattle. The global recession of 2008 had a negative impact on the country’s economy. The government and people made a major shift and committed to environmental conservation. Costa Rica was awarded with a Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) program, where 25% of the land has been protected to preserve biodiversity and sustainable forest farming. The commitment has restored the nation’s living natural wealth.

COSTA RICA REVITALIZED: Boarded by the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua, and Panama, Costa Rica housed an ideal export landscape for agriculture and industrial manufactured products at the expense of the environment and wildlife. The government initiated a plan for sustainability to preserve the land’s abundant biodiversity and varied ecological landscapes; including coastlines, rainforests and exquisite mountains. Businesses are now taxed for polluting water and Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) provides landowners an incentive to protect lands. The goal is to become carbon neutral, while up to 90% of their electricity is generated through renewable resources. The country now ranks high on the Environmental Performance Index, Happy Planet Index, and as the greenest country in the world in the 21st century.

ECONONMIC DEVELOPMENT: The primary financial revenue has shifted from dependence on coffee and banana plantations, cattle ranching, and industrial production to eco-tourism. The ecological beauty and environmental sustainable practices must be embraced to support the booming eco-tourism industry.

COSTA RICA PROJECTS: A Debt-for-Nature Swap was collaborated with the United States to protect Costa Rica’s forests. Many non-government organization grants support the agreement.

Costa Rica maintains wildlife refuges, marine sanctuaries, conservation areas, and both biological and national reserves. Volcanoes, waterfalls, and coral reefs are protected habitats of the country. National parks include Corcovado, Tortuguero, and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve that provide habitat for a wide range of plant species, including many species of orchids. Conservation projects include La Amistad International Park, Las Baulas National Marine Park, Ostional Wildlife Refuge, and Piedras Blancas National Park.

Lodges and hotels are eco-friendly as people learn how to live in harmony with their surroundings to lower environmental impacts.

The shift in the economy provides the country with a sustainable source of revenue and way of living for present and future generations.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an author and owner business owner. Get my book, Align With The Wild, at amazon.com. Check out my Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Join the Edible Garden Challenge: facebook.com/ediblegardenchallenge. Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through our website: http://www.jazzyeco.com.


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human capital

Sustainable (available resources for present and future generations) lifestyles and businesses are becoming mainstream. Financial assets are one of the resources that supports the transition to the Green Economic Revolution. Human Capital is an asset that secures your wealth in the economic infrastructure. Know your value and thrive through 21st century challenges.

Your Human Capital offers you with asset riches. Your valuable assets include experience, knowledge, health, drive, purpose, adaptability, and any other skill that may provide you with improved well-being, skills, and intelligence. This value-based benefit may be viewed as a renewable resource that affords you with the ability to offer creativity and innovation to improve your ecosystem. Your capital asset increases with training, education, experience, and coaching.

For example: You accumulate added value when trained to complete a specific job. Your capital increases with on the job exposure. Retention of an innovative and motivated employee provides a valuable asset to a business.

Recognizing how you provide valuable natural capital in an environment is an opportunity to monetize on your expertise. Coaching an individual on how to increase their value and secure natural capital improves their business success or employability.

Industries and businesses are understanding how human capital provides a valuable asset to a business. For example: Employees that have been trained and gained experience in the workforce; and is knowledgeable about natural capital benefits endows a business with value. Employers improve their business assets by providing a safe and healthy ecosystem to secure revenue that may be lost if an individual chooses to leave. Valuable experience is lost, finding replacements takes time, and retraining a new employee costs money.

Human capital is strengthened when environments are free of pollution. Your value is fixed when you effectively cater to your needs and health. Breakthrough studies find where polluted environments cause your ill health and increase your stress.

For example: There is a cyclic network of cause-and-effect and feedback that creates a merry-go-round of stress factors coupled with high blood pressure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) health browser reports where pesky particles that pollute the air; such as dust and soot, increase your blood pressure. Add prolonged exposure to noise and the symptoms are compounded (Chang).

Stress can lead to addictive behavior, such as overeating, smoking, and alcohol abuse. These risky behaviors lead to poor health that results in increased health care costs. Ill health prevents you from working. Indulging in unhealthy food choices over the long term is related to an increase in blood pressure according to Li’s team of experts.

The solution is to add some greenspace exposure to gain relief from the stress. Anne Bolen from the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) reported that submersion in green spaces revitalizes your physical, psychological, and social well-being and creates a faster recovery period from high blood pressure. Include some exercise in a forest or park can reduce your stress by up to 87%.

Your business, coaching practice, and transformational outcomes are enhanced with a working knowledge of how to optimize on the productivity of your clients, customers, and employees. Human capital is a valuable asset that adds revenue to support a sustainable economic model.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an author and owner business owner. Book “Align With The Wild”. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Join the Edible Garden Challenge: facebook.com/ediblegardenchallenge. Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through her website; http://www.jazzyeco.com.


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