Lifestyle Transformation with the Help of Author Ecosystem

book challengeEeeekkkk, I thought!!! I am a scientist and my writing was dry, detailed, and a bit repetitive. So when I decided to write a book, I found myself moving to the other extreme of creating a free write of whatever I found relevant that only made sense to me. I was lost, confused, and dismayed.

It was an incredible blessing to have found a random email from Donna Kozik that both inspired and frightened me. In the email was an enticing link to an offer about how to write a book. I downloaded and devoured the gift, a how to construct of instructions. I had a plan and a mission that began the process of seeking out and organizing information.

During the process, another email arrived about D’vorah Lansky’s Book Challenge. I questioned the luxury to be able to divert any of my precious time towards a 30-day challenge, although, my whimsical side won and I signed up for the challenge. As a result of D’vorah’s skillful selection of expert author presenters, I have been mentored through a process of self-transformation.

As the story goes, it appears as though I do enjoy a challenge. It was my mistaken idealized thought that all I had to do was write the book and the buyers would swarm to buy my creation that will be sandwiched between two covers. Well, D’vorah’s 30-day Book Marketing challenge opened my eyes wide and provided insight into the complex process of MARKETING! Over the 30-days, a tornado of information about processes, multi-tasking, tours, seminars, lists, and platforms swirled around my head as I attempted to grasp somewhere to start. And then, in one of the challenge snippets, it came, Facebook Fan Page Friday.

It was obvious that I needed to select one activity and test the waters and Fan Page Friday appeared manageable. Luckily, Michael Bloom provided valuable information on partying. I am glad to have decided to slowly enter into the Marketing game by mastering one strategy at a time. Friday has now become my reward after a week of dedicated work, and I am amazed at the diversity and wealth of business owners that are eager to respond to my likes with a like in kind.

My Friday begins early and the process is easy since once you find one party then more party hosts show up. The first step was to create my Fan Page then join in the fun. The technique is to find a host, go to their Fan Page, and seek the treasure chest of gems held in the comments below their main party post. Begin your search from your home page to “Like” the Fan Pages that belong to others. Tag with a short, welcoming comment that includes a link to your Fan Page, and invite others to like your fan page.   You then move to another individual’s business that has generously offered their Fan Page link to tag, comment, and like. Having people visit my Fan Page offers the benefit of getting exposure and allows my Fan Page posts to show up other Facebook walls.

Your time is your own as you enjoy the festivities, stopping when you choose, and return for more fun when the urge summons you back. It really is quite addicting and empowering. You are able to be witness to the creative endeavors of others and then read their thoughts once they view your Fan Page. In two weeks, I have collected over 100 likes to my Fan Page, been offered a guest blog opportunity, and found other businesses that align with my genera.

I am now a soon to be Author that has released my expertise into an organized format of information supported by hard core research. As it turns out my educational training with writing a thesis and dissertation provide a solid foundation to express and support my visions to save the world from the impacts of the Industrial Revolution on our environment. Learning how to tweek the language is the challenge. The goal is to reach out to those that have been impacted by natural disasters, struggling to pay bills while working overtime, facing health challenges for themselves and family members, willing to go green, and ready for a lifestyle shift on how to survive in the 21st century.

In the time-span of a month, I have almost completed my non-fiction book, have initiated a diversity of revenue generating marketing strategies, am empowered through a massive ecosystem of supportive authors, and now have completed my first blog. It is amazing how my life has been transformed through self-discovery and being open to opportunities. My recommendation to you is to jump in to your thoughts, enjoy the journey of journaling, and be witness to your own self-discovery through writing to realize YOUR hidden wealth.

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