Forming partnerships is a part of life.  You may choose to be involved with a partnership.  Or you may become involved in a partnering relationship without even knowing it.  How does it feel to know you have an opportunity to maximize on a partnership that embodies proven strategies for success?  Nature offers you an opportunity to join a winning team that has thrived and overcome incredible challenges for millions of years.


Nature is made up of many different community members.  Most members are able to respond, without thinking, as they work together to support the whole system.  Working alone isolates you from an abundant of opportunities and resources that boosts your ability to thrive.  Working alone increases your responsibilities, your workload, and your need to create solutions to challenges.  Being a partner in a natural ecosystem that values your inputs provides you with riches beyond measure.


Ecosystem simply means a composite that is made up of all of its interacting parts.  For example; a kitchen ecosystem is made up of the cabinets, people, food, cookware, and everything else that may be found in the kitchen environment.  You define the limits that define an ecosystem.


The parts of nature work together in harmony to design the best strategy for success.  Natural systems are able to communicate across great distances in waves of energy.  The members of the system are able to respond to the good or the bad arriving from any direction.  The speed and efficiency of the response sets the stage for the continuous survival of the system.  You can be a major player in this system with only a thought.  The thought must focus on a community mindset.


Your ability to be a part of this amazing community is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Nature is present everywhere, around the world.  You may not be able to see nature in a concrete environment.  Yet with the help of a microscope, you will discover natural life in many forms.  Each one of these life forms are equipped to take action and respond to the needs of the whole system.  How does it feel to know that you have a workforce ready 24/7 to offer you what you need to thrive?


The choice is yours to be an active, positive partner is the magnificent natural ecosystem that is found worldwide.  You have the opportunity to reap the abundant rewards that are generously offered to you for your success.  Access into this incredible natural community is available to you with only a thought.  Know that you are already connected.  The key to access the riches found in nature is to heighten your awareness and understanding of the natural environment.


Dr. Elizabeth Armstrong is an Author, Nature Lover, Educator, Speaker, and Collaborator.  Her steep learning curve and acute intuitive skills allows her to effectively serve her clients.  You may contact Dr. Liz at

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