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Women embrace many inherent skills that originate from their heart center.  These gifts offers an ability to collaborate when involved in relationships.  The term relationship is used loosely to include interactions between a parent and child, two siblings, and friends.  However the focus is between a leader and their assistant in a work environment.


Birute Regine wrote a paper about what is tagged “radical vulnerability”.  It is my focus to highlight a few of the main traits that support a vulnerable feminine leadership strategy to achieve common goals.


Resilience is a common thread to be found in the feminine leadership style.  When women are able to tap into their intuition then the ebb and flow of interactions becomes more fluid.  It is important to recognize where an exchange of information between two people must include each individual personalities that may navigate the stream of dialog.


Response to what is perceived from an individual may include what is or not said and particular body language expression.  Remaining flexible to evaluate the direction a communication stream is moving provides an avenue to create a mutually beneficial relationship.  A leadership stance of resilient allows for a win/win outcome that benefits all involved.


Transparency is another common trait discovered from Birute’s research.  The fear of being hurt may cause you to hide within a cocoon of emotions.  When open to the deep connection with someone then you are able to be direct from a position of compassion.  With compassion comes understanding that unites all participants on a common platform.


When your vulnerable side is exposed then a bond is formed between all involved in the relationship.  This positions allows for a way to “nurture the full range of our reactions and expressions to the world”.  The honest and open dialog provides opportunities for a transformational experience that strengthens a relationship.


The third trait I wish to include is Spirit.  Women possess a deep connection to their inner knowing.  Soothing and supporting the inner soul of all individuals evolves into a mutual respect for the unique gifts that each individual delivers to a relationship and working environment.  An interaction that recognizes all parts of the whole-self enriches any bond that that may be needed between a leader and their aids.


This wholesome awareness supports an understanding that each participant has a responsibility to utilize all of their gifts for the success of any endeavor.  Tapping the inner, spiritual awareness requires a time to reflect and process information.  It may be this simple step that provides the perfect perspective to address and move through an issue to the benefit of all involved.


Our workplace is predominantly driven by a “domination model of aggression” that lacks certain feminine traits.  Feminine leaders are using their innate abilities to soften present conditions.  Their skills are proving to be successful with learning from vulnerable moments that results in a new strength in their working environment.  The result becomes more of an interaction based on persuasion rather from domination.  This tactic softens the interactions between leaders and associates.  The end result may be a peaceful and harmonious environment where we want to live.


Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Author and Lifestyle Mentor.  She serves Proactive Women and Conscious Men to Ground their Unique Skills in a Heart-Centered Awareness to bring Greater Joy into Your Life.  Check out her Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com.  Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through her website: http://www.jazzyeco.com.


Regine, EdD, Birute.  “Letting the Heart Fall Open: Spirit, Vulnerability, and Relational Intelligence in the Workplace”.


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