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Synchronicity arrives when unrelated events fortuitously arrive at the same time or relate to the same situation. December 21, 2015 was one of those events where books were written, that experts prophesied, and a cosmic alignment set the stage for the Winter Solstice celebration. The Restart of the Mayan Calendar and Birthing into a New Humanity was one of those synchronistic occasions. What has ensued is a powerful movement that is shifting humanity towards a new revolution, the Consciousness R-evolution.



My first taste of information about the 2012 major event popped into my path with Barbara Marciniak’s Path to Empowerment text. It was one of those moments when I was unable to refuse the literary gift about intergalactic messengers, the Pleiadians. Her writings set the stage for a historic shift in human development spurred by a world in crisis. The root cause was a closely held resistance, or fear of “knowing the truth”.

My curiosity was aroused. What was this mysterious message that held people so tightly to their belief system that they lived in fear? What were the apocalyptic scenarios that held a world of crisis?

Ms. Marcinick channeled the Pleiadian’s lesson about a specific time period between 1987 and 2012 that was to be a catalyst for change. This was a “turning point in a very powerful cycle of human development” (4). She mentioned three stages of universal acceleration starting at 10X to 100X, to 1,000X’s, each lasting about six to eight years as we progressed towards 2012. A steadily increasing stream of cosmic energies were transforming the Earth.

At lightning-like speed, humanity was to evolve toward a state of greater self-awareness and sensitivity. Individuals were to awaken to address their life situations and delve into the infinite possibilities to discover and resolve the secrets that held them in the bondage of fear.

It was important to realize that “what you think about and focus on comes into being with equal swiftness” (4). Was that the hidden truth – that we each hold the power to create our own reality? Knowing that our power comes from within is transformative.

It is easy to witness the subtle sub-conscious and conscious evolutionary force that is embracing the people on the planet. I believe the mystery is held in the power of the choice as we all move through these incredible times that have been prophesized through ancient wisdom.


My second call to action arrived during the summer of 2012. A Birth 2012 event was about to arouse humanity. I sat in church as Barbara Marx Hubbard captivated her audience. Who was this woman that was voted to run for the Vice President of the United States?

Ms. Hubbard spoke of an extraordinary breakthrough in awareness she experienced about 40 years earlier. She was witness to a cosmic explosion and realized that humanity was on the brink of a revolutionary shift in consciousness. Now here she was at the dawn of the December 21, 2012, Winter Solstice to prepare us for what was to come.

Ms. Hubbard’s Conscious Evolution book (2) was written to unify the masses with a progressive movement, enlightening us to the dawning of a new world. She outlined specific conditions that have delivered to us to this present consciousness shift; the 3 C’s. We find ourselves at an era of new Cosmology, new Crisis, and new Capacities.

Ms. Hubbard launched the Foundation for Conscious Evolution to spur on the next stage of human evolution. This pioneering educational community prepares you to enhance your skills and collaborate with like-minded individuals to change the world.   Jump in to spark your creative abilities to empower civilization to fulfill their potential.


My third initiation into the 2012 event arrived at a New Age Conference. A panelist of experts convened to share their expertise about the end of the Mayan calendar culminating in December.

I was intrigued to learn more about a unique planetary alignment around this 2012 Winter Solstice (3). Our Milky Way galaxy is a large spiraling, whirling mass of stars, planets, and other cosmic debris that circulate around a Black Hole that is located at its center (1).

It is common that our planet Earth revolves around our Sun that spirals around the bright star Alcyone located at the center of the Pleaides Constellation. Alcyone rotates around the star Sirius, the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. This massive movement of planets and stars revolves around the central Black hole. Around the 2012 momentous occasion there was to be a unique celestial alignment where the Earth and these stars were aligned with the center of the Black Hole.

This historic event does not occur often in relation to a human life-time. The Galactic Alignment happens about every 26,000-year cycle and termed the Great Astronomical Year (3). The Earth was carried by the Sun’s force to travel at around 500,000 miles per hour as it circles around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, that massive Black Hole.

The Mayans and Hindu’s suggested that our Earth and Sun, Alcyone, and Sirius aligned up with the center of the black hole on December 21, 2012 (1). The Mayans were considered to be great Astronomers. They predicted that the last eight years leading up to the 2012 event there was a Sun-Venus-Earth alignment; another monumental event in their calendar (3).

Another pivotal climactic event in relation to the stars was the shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius where we find ourselves at the present. A transitioning shift occurred sometime in the late 2014. The shifting of ages occur approximately every 2,200-year cycle.

We find ourselves at incredible times where major shifts are in the wind. The choice is yours on where to direct your journey and how to live your life’s path.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Environmental expert, Speaker, Author, and Educator. Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Get Your Free Report at: www.jazzyeco.com. Contact Dr. Liz at mystic@jazzyeco.com for your Complimentary Strategy Session to Thrive through 21st Century Challenges.


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