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Our World is in a pickle. The 21st century ushers in an abundance of challenges. It has taken decades of human behavior to create the mess we are embracing. An opportunistic attitude provides riches for those willing to innovate for success. Solutions are scattered throughout the internet with easy access and welcoming collaborative relationships. Are you ready to dive into the next stage of global evolutionary development?

You must face your problems to have the knowledge needed to innovate for solutions. Human lifestyles dictated by the Industrial Revolution has polluted the vital resources necessary for the survival of life on our Planet. “Water, food, air, [soil, biodiversity], and natural ecosystems continue to erode and threaten the survival of life on Earth” (1).

Trash and waste are terms used to dispose of resources that do not fit into the prime product marketing lines. Blindly we cast out an abundance of riches stored in the remains of animal metabolism, manufacturing, consumption, and end-of-life electronics. What ensues are hazardous chemical concentrations that create natural disasters, physical and emotional ill-health, mass extinction, and death around the globe.

Historically, natural processes recycled these wastes. Yet rapid urban development and agricultural landscapes eliminated the space occupied by the biodiverse richness of life that offered valuable products and services to recycle Earth’s wealth. The United Nations Environment Program equates these benefits to be $72 trillion annually, worldwide (4). Presently, our economic infrastructure ecosystem is burdened with being a surrogate bioremediator, living hazardous clean-up machine.

Enlightened entrepreneurs and “Big Business” are forming mutually beneficial relationships to solve our problems and remain viable. “Natural Capital” has become a well-known buzz-word to balance the financial spreadsheets. Governments, businesses, and international institutions convened the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) to support the rapid growth of sustainable practices (2). The 2014 World Investment Forum catalyzes the Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) to secure responsible investor money (5).

We are in historic times where change is transforming the face of our economy and your lifestyle. Evolution simply means change. The people of this planet are evolving rapidly. Barbara Marx Hubbard stipulates that it takes crises to initiate a major shift in consciousness (3). It took a woman to acknowledge the truth of climate change when she watched her house wash out into the Atlantic Ocean as a result of Hurricane Sandy. What will be your motivator for a change in behavior to experience increased wealth and improved well-being?

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an Environmental expert, Speaker, Author, and Educator. Blog: Get Your Free Report at my Website: Contact Dr. Liz at for your Complimentary Strategy Session to Thrive through 21st Century Challenges.


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