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My latest adventure led me to be a part of an incredible event, the eWomen Network conference. Sandra Yancey’s annual village gathering provides a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive. The event stimulated spirits to flourished, emotions to be purged, and networking relationships to bond. Speakers and vendors were attentive to fuel the growth of the participants. I am in awe of the auspicious insight of the powerfully gifted network founder, Sandra Yancey, for her dedication to be of service for others.

Opportunities abound when time is spent following the bread-crumbs left behind in the social media venue. On one occasion I came upon the eWoman website. I was fascinated by their soon to arrive conference. The volunteer tab beckoned me to sign-up and support this event.            In a timely manner I was informed about my approval and details to provide my services. I did not know what to expect as my interest grew about this community. My experience far out-weighed anything I was able to imagine.

I was dwarfed by the grandeur of the artfully decorated ballroom with close to a thousand seats placed around the tables. Crystalline chandeliers introduced the prestige of the occasion. Each day, Ms. Sandra entered the stage moving in rhythm to the music as she welcomed those that dared to strut their stuff on the stage. Women and conscious men were in attendance. The room was full of villagers and live streamers were witness to the events.

Emotions radically shifted from laughter to tears and to harmony. Tissues were needed as deep seated emotions were released during the transformational experience and growth ensued. Part of the process involved neighborly connections to facilitate networking. Choreographed videos guided participants on journeys of inner-discovery and self-empowerment. Honorary acknowledgements gifted those that dedicated their life to service. The microphone was passed to reveal the mental processing of personal advancements.

Contributors were recognized and speakers shared their stories. Presenters shared their journeys to allow participants to learn and know that success was achieved by moving through the challenges. Business infrastructure developed through trial and error simplified the process for entrepreneurs to thrive. Insight and opportunities to soar graced individuals that decided to be fortuitously in the presence of excellence. The speaker line-up was testimony to life choices based on moving with integrity, dignity, honor, happiness, and love.

The conference foundation included vendors that tirelessly catered to those seeking guidance. Breakout sessions were available to mentor and support those looking for information on specific areas of interest. Private coaching rooms were used to provide uninterrupted, personal discussions. Water was always accessible and periotic food offerings set the stage for excellence and convenience.

Ms. Yancey made use of every opportunity to recognize her staff. It was obvious that employees of her business had warm feelings about their leader. They efficiently managed the behind-the-scenes operations of the event and were attentive to the needs of the seekers.

Ms. Yancey endearing words about her husband, Kim, was a testimony to the heart-felt appreciation for him. Mr. Yancey’s presence was evidence to how he is a major player with eWomen Networking. He supports the whims of his wife with her entrepreneur path. Ms. Sandra mentioned him often with love and adoration. He provided a steady arm for her to lean on when she looked for the strength to move with graceful balance within our ecosystem.

Personally, I awoke daily with revelations, was transformed, and carried by the sails of this moving vessel. I feel deeply honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of this event. I am convinced that eWomen has catalyzed my business and emotional growth. It is my goal to be a member of eWomen and continue to be of service to empower myself and others. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Yancey for contributing to my life’s evolution.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an author and owner business owner. Get her book, Align With The Wild, at amazon.com. Check out her Blog: naturemystic.wordpress.com. Join the Edible Garden Challenge: facebook.com/ediblegardenchallenge. Receive Jazzy Eco’s Newsletter through her website: http://www.jazzyeco.com.

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