essenes and DS Scrolls

An encounter with Native Americans resulted in being gifted with two books about a sacred community that lived around two thousand years ago, the Essenes. Exploring these texts led me on a fascinating journey about people that resided, in part, near the Dead Sea. Magically, a series of events placed me at a convention where past-life Essenes believed they were reborn into 21st century present-days to restore Peace on Earth.

An invite arrived that was difficult to resist as I mingled with others at a spirit fair. A Native American couple honored me with a request that I visit their community. I jumped at the opportunity. Within a week I found myself near the interface of Cherokee and Osage reservations. The handsome couple and I became engaged in talks of earthly spirits, blessings, cleansings, and honoring our ancestors.

It was so natural to express feelings of gratitude. We exchanged precious gifts that were heart-felt and perfect for the receiver. I was spiritually guided to select a large, beautiful feather from my collection of findings gathered from previous walks. It felt appropriate to offer a specific family necklace after a moving conversation.

In return two prized texts from a private library found their way into my possession. I was in awe of the rhythmic sharing of abundance. Little did I know about the energy that was being introduced into my life’s journey. Little did I know about potency of the Essene people that lived prior to the birth of Jesus and existed to support his calling.

The books held secrets from people that were involved in the process of past-live regression. The books introduced me to a process where hypnosis was used by well-trained professionals to guide a seeker into their past lives. I was able to understand that how they chose to live in the past impacted the karmic well-being of an individual. In one case, two different individuals were friends from the past and interacted while in a deep state of sub-consciousness regression.

The first book, Essene: Children of the Light (SJ 2005), provided insight about the diverse collaborative network of communities working to support each other. Women and men lived together to create a home-base for visitors. Travelers journeyed far to collect manuscripts. Scribes joyfully labored to translate and document sacred writings.

The second book, The Power of the Magdalene (SJ 2012), reveled information on the powerful balancing effect issued forth by honoring the blessings of women and men. It is proposed that a total of 144 disciples were dedicated to the teachings of Jesus. There were six groupings of disciples in relation to how close they were to Jesus. Each group contained 12 female and 12 male disciples.

My scientific, logical thinking was unable to prevent me from seeking more information.

It was months into my reading when my examinations led me to the Dead Sea Scrolls. There is a lake that is proposed to be around three millions years old. The terrain extends across the landscape around 3400 feet above sea level. In a span of about 13 miles, you drop to almost 1400 below the level of the sea to reach the lake. The salt and mineral rich waters prevents almost all life to exist. It is near the banks of this Dead Sea where the scrolls were uncovered around 1947 (PBS).

Caves litter the landscape where thousands of manuscript fragments where stored. These historic findings opened a door to the rich communities of people and their holy documents, the Essenes. The manuscripts revealed Bible texts that were preserved after many years of hibernation in caves. Books of Hebrew Scriptures were liberated and “The Isaiah Scroll” was interpreted.

Fascination urged me on to devourer the information in the precious books published by Ozark Mountain Publishing. A spiritual awakening occurred as I was guided to be a player in this community. At first I did not listen or follow where I was directed. Yet repeated signals channeled my course. A comment from a friend, post-card placed in my hands, and the fortuitous arrival of an email inspired me to finally accept my calling.

The Ozark Mountain Publishing Transformation Conference was a sail that shifted my path. People gathered from all over the world to convene. The Northwest Arkansas annual event was an opportunity for people to gather and share their wisdom and past-lives. It was common to have a conversation with one that possess an inner knowing that they are joining other Essene community members in the present to serve in the New World Awakening. An awakening into peace and harmonic relations.

I feel fortunate to have used my feminine heart-centered, intuitive awareness that allowed a higher knowing that steered me on this rewarding passage. It was refreshing to open to the revelations without logic or ego to slow my advances. A path filled with opportunities to receive gifts, explore their contents, and learn about an Essene civilization. To gain insight into a way of life dedicated to sharing knowledge and wisdom for the future of humanity. A civilization that moved in harmony with Jesus as our way shower.

Elizabeth Armstrong, PhD is an environmental expert, author, owner business owner, and speaker. Blog: Website: Join our clan at

Abundant Blessings.


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