heart with wings

A few definitions are in order so we are all moving forward with the same flow of thoughts. Changes in our awareness, behavior, physical appearance, lifestyles, food choices, and genetic composition that occur within one life-time is termed adaptation. The changes that are carried on through your reproductive success over one or more generations is referred to as evolution. Co-adaptation or co-evolution are the same progressions already defined, yet, involves a concerted dance of two or more species interacting and blessing the future generations with traits that meets the best interest of the entire community or ecosystem. These are the processes that occur between the grand diversity of species in the natural world.

Humans are a species that are included in this change over-time development of traits. It is proposed that the early humans developed traits that involved the use of tools, to stand more erect, tame wild animals, and develop a complex economic system. Minds became very complex with processing information, analyzing subject matter, debating best strategies, and, even, dominating the planet. The question is, “Can humans become anymore perfect?”. Or, “Can humans evolve to be any more self-centered?”.

The mind is the traditional center of human consciousness. Mind tends to be the masculine center of directing activities, using a logical series of processing information, including past experience into the understanding of a situation. In addition, fear drives humans to seek protection from perceived harm, cradling possessions, and fighting for the dominion of land and resources. It is this mind-centered consciousness that has positioned humans in a place of incredible vulnerability since the analytical debate is unable to recognize all the variables that may impact an outcome or result.

The entire world ecosystem functions through cause-and-effect feedback loops that compounds the outcome in relation to the input at each cyclic stage to produce an outcome. One error in calculation can throw the system into a tizzy. For example; the erroneous calculations of the impacts from the tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere, hence Climate Change.

It is being proposed that humans are adapting faster than any time in history (1). The new, evolutionary path is towards heart-centered consciousness. The heart embodies the feminine traits of intuition, knowing, compassion, and love. The heart proves to be a grounding center for your intelligent conscious awareness. The Institute of HeartMath reveals the heart as a sophisticated center capable of receiving and processing complex information to influence your perception, decisions, and other functions (2). The science of neurocardiology provides evidence that the heart has a “little brain” able to learn, remember, feel, sense, (2) and send meaningful messages to a compliant brain that impacts behavior (4). The heart’s magnetic field has been measured to extend several feet beyond the physical body and is 5,000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field (3).

In unison, the heart interacts with the brain to facilitate the processing of your thoughts and emotions. Centering on the heart’s rhythm of love and appreciation stabilizes blood pressure and breathing, providing you with a sense of peace. Consciously living from the heart lets you realize spontaneous feelings of gratitude, compassion, understanding, and goodwill. A peaceful, heart-centered awareness results in greater emotional stability and improved mental functioning, positioning you to take personal responsibility to achieve your highest dreams. Positioning and wakeful practice allows you to direct your energies to a heart-centered consciousness for improved well-being. You may realize an established heart-centered awareness with a loved one or pet as you experience a sense of peace, as joy reaches beyond your physical being.

It may be the transition to a heart-centered consciousness that is needed to direct the people towards a sustainable world. We each have the choice to expand our awareness to embody peace and harmony in our life.

Scheduled Event: Join us on Sunday, November 30, 2014, where I have been invited to give a talk about “A Shift To Heart Centered Consciousness” at Unity of Fayetteville: A Center for Conscious Living. The service begins at 10:30 am Central time and will be followed by a pot-luck supper. Please join us if you are in the area. I can promise a wholesome experience that will enlighten your spirit. 4880 W. Wedington Drive, Fayetteville, Arkansas  www.unityfay.org

Abundant Blessings,

Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D.



1 Hawks, John, Eric T. Wang, Gregory M. Cochran, Henry C. Harpending, and Robert K. Moyzis. 2007. Recent acceleration of human adaptive evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol. 104:52. Pgs. 20753-20758.

2 Madurasinghe, Lakshman. 2008. Neurocardiology: The Brain in the Heart. (Online) http://www. http://madurasinghe.blogspot.com/

3 McCraty, Rollin and Dana Tomasino. 2004. Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback. Rept. Boulder Creek: HeartMath Research Center.

4 Paulson, Steve, Richard Davidson, Amishi Jha, and Jon Kabat-Zinn. 2013. Becoming conscious: the science of mindfulness. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vol. 1303:1. Pgs. 87-104.

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