Share the Wealth Found in Your Niche


Writing is an opportunity to radiate a special part of your multi-faceted self, your niche. Each segment gifts you with an infinite amount of knowing embraced by your spirit. The key is to choose which asset to shine upon the World.

Your niche is your total self. How you have innately responded to experiences, developed your areas of interests, design your lifestyle, function as you walk your path, and interact with other living and non-living features of your environment are facets that defines your interface with the Universal puzzle. Each faceted plane houses a wealth of diamonds that may be shared with others.

Your spirit is ever present in the knowing as you polish your gem. It is like a sacred friend that nudges you with joy, excitement, creativity, passion, and inquiry. The inner knowing directs your path as a river carries your drift. You are eager to inquire, grow and be transformed by the experience as you polish your topic.

Your offerings await their release through the power of words. Understand your niche to hear the calling of an infinite amount of material. Choosing the time to clear your mind, embrace the knowing within the total self, and experience the gratitude allows you to connect with the riches you have to share. Enjoy the journey while expressing your interests.

Shine the aspects of your unique self upon the World with a player of words. Your spirit partners to guide the experience. Be open to the calling of treasures discovered in how your unique self meshes with the Universe. Your beacon of light will touch the spirit of others that are ready to find your message.

Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D.

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