Bio-inspiration from nature – Valley Light

Natural environments have survived for billions of year on our precious planet and well before people have walked the Earth. Bio-inspiration is a phenomenon where people are inspired by natural processes. You have a very intimate relationship with your Environment. Being still and aware of the natural environment gives you insight into strategies for success. Here is a story called Valley Light that provided me with inspiration when I used multi-sensational awareness while observing nature.


I awoke from a restful sleep well before dawn as I craved to experience the abundance found in the quiet, stillness of the night. The outdoor hot-tub beaconed me to enter into its warm as the inviting waters protected me from the frozen landscape. The valley was hidden in the darkness yet porch-lights noted the homesteads that were but a speck in the expansive terrain. There was peace, tranquility, and security cradling my spirit. My thoughts were carried away too understand the experiences of a lifetime of growth while I relaxed in my meditation.

The air was filled with moisture as tender dew drops condensed in the cold temperatures and caressed my cheeks. Faint sounds of distant wildlife echoed their movement. Rich musty smells allowed me to recognize that life still existed in the extreme conditions found in the chilled winter environment.

The morning signaled its arrival as a soft light slowly illuminated the sky from behind a distant mountain. A valley fog became visible with the coming of the dawn. There was a fine line separating the dark from the light that slowly moved down from the sky as the night transformed into the day. It amazed me to watch this extraordinary boundary creep down the mountain side that was positioned across the valley from the lights origin. This interface crossed my presence, and in the time used to issue a breath, my world was transformed.

The sounds of birds rejoiced the arrival of the sun that dissolved the mist and warmed the air. A light wind moved throughout the trees to awaken the living. The orchestrated sounds of roosters announced the coming of the day. I became aware that in a moments time my life may be transformed when I am still and active my senses to greet the blessings that cross path.

Enjoy Your Week,

Elizabeth Armstrong, Ph.D.


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