Have you ever watched the trees transform the landscape by changing their regalia from emerald green to crimson red, opulent orange, or golden yellow in response to the chilling fall temperatures? Or have you been charmed by the gentle scent of the captivating purple, flowering lilacs during the warming spring days? Biophilia is a term used to describe the sense of attraction and feelings of harmony while engaged with natural environments. The appeal is Universal and a fresh, clean ecosystem drives your body towards improved health.

There are realized benefits achieved through natures mysteries while liberating yourself into the embrace of the natural environment. On a deep level, your physical-self responds in subtle ways that leads to enhanced well-being and improved health. You may be relieved of symptoms of obesity, respiratory illness, high blood pressure, and heat stroke. A rich green, bio-diverse ecosystem improves pregnancy outcomes, mental acuity, and immune response resiliency.

Over the next seven weeks, I will guide you on an insightful journey on how your environment impacts each of the physical challenges listed above. Week One unfolds with an awareness of how your weight is regulated by your choice of environment. Week Two reveals how your body responds to the quality of air that you draw into your being and moves through your respiratory system. Week Three enlightens you on the physical relief achieved through the gentle embrace of Mother Nature that reduces stress and blood pressure. Week Four dives into how the presence of plants and other life forms alters environmental temperatures and provides a welcomed relief to heat.

In Week Five we jump into information on how environmental conditions nurtures the self to nurture your offspring during pregnancy. Week Six opens up a window into how a diversity rich ecosystem provide you with the opportunity to engage your senses into a multi-sensational association with natural systems. Week Seven issues forth an invitation into a world of cause-and-effect feedback where your body responds to the riches found in the diversity of the living to improve you immunities.

You may have first-hand knowledge or know of someone that is burdened with one or more of these physical challenges. Feel free to share this information as we venture into the reality that you are continuously interacting with your environment and how these interactions impact your well-being. Understanding how the natural environment generously offers valuable products and services for your well-being, improved productivity, and happiness leads you on an adventure of discovery. The information I provide may not benefit everyone, however, taking personal responsibility to enrich the self is the key to successful results.

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